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RE: Blitz contest -Guess the movie- round XXIII

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Thanks for the prize @mister-omortson.

Building on the answer @sacra97 has already provided.

The movie is The Deep 1977 movie.

  1. Ampoule contains the medicinal morphine.
  2. Ampoule was recovered from the ship wreck of the ship Goliath
  3. Also found in the ship wreck is the medallion with a woman's image and letters S.C.O.P.N (which stands for Santa Clara ora pro nobis)
  4. Sunkiss is the name of the small Mako 23 Inboard boat that they get into.
  5. White wet shirt photo is the controversial photo which was published for marketing without Jackie's knowledge when she had already refused her consent.
  6. Chicken leg was used as a voodoo trick and dragged across Jackie's stomach.
  7. Sharks refer to the scene where they were attacked by sharks.
  8. Mask is Jackie's scuba diving mask.

Definitivamente ganador por conocimiento, sólo fue suerte llegar de primera sali temprano del trabajo. Una informacion súper completa. Vaya con la pata de pollo.

Definitely winner by knowledge, it was just luck to arrive first and left work early. A super complete information.Go with the chicken leg

The only thing missing was the chicken leg, the rest I had already found.

The explanation was very complete on the part of the friend, the investigation paid off and we all learned. @oliveroluis142

 3 years ago (edited)

You got the prize for points 4, 5, 6
for the rest of the points, @sacra97 was the first

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