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Smiling at life.

A photograph is that resource in which you can eternalize a moment of your life. I am fond of photography, although under no circumstances am I a professional in the field. However, I love to capture with the camera of my phone many moments that I like to enjoy, like a sunset from my terrace, thenar, and also the selfies.

On this occasion, I come to participate in the contest promoted by @axeman and the fabulous community of @worldofxpilar.

Here I leave two pictures that I took recently when I did my hairstyle renovation. I always love to smile, despite the bad times, life is beautiful and has things that make it close to what is happiness.

Thanks are the key to life, a smile is not something small but at the same time it makes life happy for us and for those who receive it.


Thanks to @axeman and @xpilar for these spaces to share and enrich.

If you want to participate, here's the link.

Contest image taken from @axeman's blog.

Technical details of the photographs, taken with my cell phone camera.

Screenshot from my cell phone.


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Thank you for taking the time for this reading.


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Hola amiga!!

Guuuaooo!! Pero qué glamour jajajaja hermosa!! No sabia de este concurso ya me activo también para participar jejeje saludos y tu peinado super fashion!!

Gracias, hermosa amiga, me encantan los concursos de fotografìa, gracias a @axeman @xpilar y esta bella comunidad siempre a la vanguardia del crecimiento. Gracias por apoyarme, un abrazo de vuelta... @franyeligonzalez

Siempre con una sonrisa, siempre alegre @marybellrg tu fotografía quedo estupenda.

Gracias, mi bella, aqui intentando en estas aguas jajaja sabes como soy de ocurrente. Un abrazo y gracias por el apoyo! mi @sacra97

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Muchisimas gracias, querida comunidad @worldofxpilar por su valioso y apreciado apoyo. Es un placer para mí participar en sus retos.

Está fino el concurso, mañana lo hago jejeje

Estupendo, seguro tendràs una linda foto, querida amiga @yurilaya. Un abrazo! y gracias por la visita...