Portrait with watercolor pencils

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Hello everyone It's been a long time since I've been here, there was absolutely no time, I hope you'll forgive me for this! And I continue to share my work and the process of work. This work is made to order by photography, watercolor pencils, A3 format. It took 2 days to work, about 5 hours each.









Привет Марика, очень приятно что ты вернулась. Надеюсь у тебя все хорошо и что ты просто была занята. Прекрасный портет, очень нравяться глаза и прекраная кожа :)

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Привет! У меня все хорошо, просто чень много работы последнее время..😊

 8 months ago 

Beautiful face, her eyes are very striking.

Enjoy your art!

Greetings and success!


 8 months ago 

Hello! What a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman, you have a great talent in drawing. Thanks for sharing, and welcome back to WOX. Greetings and success ☺

Hi, thank you 🤗

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