Closing of the theater season

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Hello everyone Finally, I'm on vacation, so I began to appear even less often here. I will try to improve.. In this post, I want to share with you photos from the concert with which we closed the season. It's called "I want to go to a musical." It's about how artists come to the casting, show their talents and naturally want to please the producer. The main participants in the action are the producer and his assistant. But I posted the photo only with my participation! In this concert I had a lot of solo parts and one of the difficult numbers, where I was in the role of Roxanne from the musical "Moulin Rouge" (first photos).
I also took part in the issue of "sweet charity", in the issue of "Dracula" (the role of the shepherdess), and Mozart.The concert went very well and we went on vacation with the whole theater, now we will meet only next season. In the meantime, we are all resting, gaining strength and inspiration for the new theatrical season!












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