Portrait in pencil

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Hello everyone In one of the posts I already wrote that I cooperate with the theater studio "The Beginning" and for their graduates I specially draw a portrait with the emblem of the theater festival "golden mask". During this work, I got carried away with the portrait and completely forgot to take a picture of the process! The work is done with pencil and charcoal pencil. The mask is painted with watercolor pencils + colorful rhinestones. A3 format. It took 2 days for about 5 hours to work.



 2 years ago 

Greetings my friend @marochka

Wow, excellent work, the truth is that it looked identical to the photo, beautiful portrait.

Congratulations for your talent.

What a talent, you made the features very intense, you worked with your pencil on every detail of her face, it looks beautiful!

Greetings and success.


Lovely portrait, especially the eyes :)

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Peace & Love!

Hey there..Nice.

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