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RE: Photo of the week #55 | Submissions post | day life of the city

in WORLD OF XPILAR4 months ago

City life? Well done @mister-omortson, great topic. I am going to slightly shift it to City’s fight for life. As I can see it is going on all over the planet – here is Serbia:


And here you can find a bunch more of the city life photos:

Great challenge!

 4 months ago 

Great picture. So expressieve...
Nice beauty in the center of the frame

Buena fotografía amigo @lighteye

Christians? i'm christian too. I think i see a Jesus classic middle age picture, and that to the left seems to be Holy Mary with Jesus as a toddler on her arms.

My best regards.

Yes, @bostonblake. Click the link below the pic if you want to know more.

Jesus for President! Amen!!!!

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