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Today I would love to share with you few of my photos from our visit of the stunning Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul at the old center of Oostende in Flanders, Belgium.

Our trip to this lovely Belgian city by the sea was, unfortunately, short yet we found the proper time to listen to a guide who told us a lot about the stone inscribed text (you'll find one photo below of that too), enjoy the glass works and the huge church organ inside and also we managed to photograph it virtually from all angles. That time spent there was totally worth it and I could only feel a bit envious, in the positive way, of course, of those who live in that beautiful and colorful old city full of great architecture and traditions.

Here is the link to a popular map site, from there you could find more info about the church if you want:

I hope you enjoy those few photos as I really enjoyed making them ;)

Thanks in advance for your support and appreciation :)







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Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P


 4 months ago 

Beautiful church in gothic style. The architecture is stunning, like the way how sun is shining and dropping its rays over the dome.

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Thanks a lot, @stef1 :)

That point of view with the sun rays is one of my favorite photo techniques :)

Have a great weekend!