Beautiful and small butterflies not only make the environment pretty

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Beautiful and small butterflies not only make the environment beautiful. But more than that, these creatures which are often regarded as weak insects have a very important role for the earth and humans

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Many of us already know that bees help the process of pollinating flowers. However, it is not only the bees who perform this role, the butterflies also do it. It is true that butterflies carry less pollen on their bodies than bees due to the body structure and legs of butterflies that are not very adequate for the job. However, butterflies can fly farther than bees which means that pollination by butterflies occurs on a broader scale.

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The number of butterflies floating around your house indicates that the environment is in good condition. If the number of butterflies in your environment decreases, it means that there are physical and chemical changes taking place there. These animals are a good indicator because of the short life span that makes them react very quickly to change.
Butterflies are also very dependent on climate and weather. In addition they also can not fly too far. These things make them very sensitive to changes even in minutes.

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Hi have never seen so many captured pair of butterflies, you were lucky to find such beautiful pattern of their wings, already that creates its own Art. Very nice!