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Week 04

Another week of activities in the World of Xpilar, And for me it was a difficult one as we entered in evaluations period last week in my school. But no matter what, I've managed to make my selection for this week # 4. The authors on this time are worth to follow as artists and for the quality of their work.

But last week was also one of celebrations on the World of Xpilar Community, as we achieved 15,000 subscribers. So @Xpilar has recognized this milestone with a great prize for the lucky subscriber 15000, @Msalexemi. He also announced a week of prizes for Members who want to participate in this awesome contest:


Also, we commented previously about @The-Gorilla's efforts to promote discussion in the community. He has launched his initiative and there will be three top commenters weekly, which will be determined by the activity on the comments of the users in WOX. You can check all the mechanics in the following link, and meet the first three top commenters: @Petface, @Serap and @Steem-Venera.

💬 Promoting WOX's Top Commenters - Supporting Steemit's Vision Week #1

About this selection

I will be making a selection of three posts from community members that I visited during the week and whose quality and content have seemed outstanding to me, increasing a little more the rewards they have achieved for their exceptional work.

The goal is that part of the rewards of this post go to three authors weekly by receiving a percentage of the rewards (20% each one) as beneficiaries, in addition, this showcase of their work can also serve as a stimulus to invite more people to support these publications with votes and/or good comments and maybe give the authors a follow.

The works selected each week are according to my personal criteria on quality and individual expression. I will try at all times to maintain the variety of the authors, themes, means of expression and personal style.

I hope this initiative is a boost to the amazing creators who share their talents in the World of Xpilar Community.

The posts selected this week are the following:

Rewards (atm)
State of the mind-(charcoal and Pastel on paper)

A powerful reflection about our inner-self through the wonderful ways of art.
Abstract coloured portrait of a child (100% powerup)

A practice with color pencils gives great results on this portrait.

Experimenting with different techniques, between manual and digital, the artist creates new ways of expression.

I invite you to visit and support these authors, and hope you've liked this Selection of the week.

Last week's selected authors have received their rewards, as shown next:


WORLD OF XPILAR LOGO BILDE 2 beskjært 855x416 bruk 2.png



Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE




Can we make a difference? A new project has been born # @wox-helpfund

30% of the reward from @bidvote goes to @wox-helpfund

You can also delegate SP to @bidvote and earn rewards every day
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I am so happy to see my post selected , thanks so much @leveuf I'm so grateful.

 3 years ago 

I'm glad for this great enthusiasm!! Thanks to you for sharing with us your great talents in your words and hands!!
Best winds for life and projects!!

Congrats to all the selected artists.amd thanks you for the support @leveuf

 3 years ago 

All the best for your awesome work!! I'm glad to help a little on this journey that I hope is plenty of success for you!!
Good winds for life and projects!!

Thanks you so much for your support @leveuf

#club5050 😀

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for the big support and for this great initiative!!
Always the best winds for the projects on the Steemit Team!!

Querido @leveuf, gracias por este delicioso paseo artístico, por la obra de creadores que están buscando sus auténticas formas expresivas. Son innovadores y tu selección y el apoyo de @worldofxpilar le brindan nuevas oportunidades.
Un abrazo lleno de Luz y Energía

 3 years ago 

Gracias por la visita a esta selección curaduría que se ha convertido en una gran aventura en esta etapa de mi tránsito por los rumbos steemianos!! Siempre es un placer contar con tu compañía!!
Te mano abrazos grandes a través de la distancia!!

Recibidos y devueltos esos abrazos, apreciado amigo

Pinned :)

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 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for the great support and congratulations on all the achievements of this awesome community!!
Best winds for all the projects!!
And Thanks for pinning the post!! :)

 3 years ago 

The top post has already paid out so I upvoted a different post from him instead 🙂

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your support, @The-Gorilla!! Yes, that's good strategy, It'll maybe be a good idea to warn that maybe some post in the selection have been payout, but support could be given to other good post in the 7-day window!!

Hugs and best vibes!! :)

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

You send good harvest winds :)

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and kind words, dear friend!! :)
The good winds go for you also, for life and projects!!

 3 years ago 

In the past I am a sailor and I know the value of good winds :))
Thank you, friend, and I wish you to be friends with the winds :)

 3 years ago 

It's wonderful to know about those days, @Bambuka! I just can imagine how terrifying it would be not being friends with the winds in the middle of the sea! May only the best winds be always by your side in this journey!! :)

 3 years ago 

I like your wish, thank you friend :)
I know the name of the master of the winds, Sviborg.
I'll ask him for a good tailwind for you :-)

 3 years ago 

I'm grateful, dear Friend, for the blessings from Sviborg!!
Big Hug!!

 3 years ago 

Mutual hugs friend)

nice artwork, right choice. congrats to the chosen artist,

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and encouragement, @Ewiendos!!
A big hug and good wishes for you and yours!!

you're welcome

 3 years ago 

15000 subscribers is a great number for a community. Majestic, just like a growing plane tree 👌
The Beneficiaries concept is a very remarkable and guiding step 👏 It will be attractive to WOX members!

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for your visit and encouraging words! Yes!! We are one of the biggest communities in Steemit!!
Yes, the possibility to set beneficiaries in your post open the window for multiple interactions and initiatives like this, all with the blockchain transparency of Steem!!
I send you best wishes for life and projects, @Serap!!

 3 years ago 

I agree with you. I give warm wishes for all precious projects :)

Congratulations to all! ☺

 3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for your visit, @Arcayart! :)

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