Mini Challenge #1 : Translation Software; Using Google language translator to effectively reach a wider audience

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Hi guys, I am a Nigerian; born, raised and spent virtually all my life in Nigeria. As a Nigerian with English as an official language, it's only logical for me to speak, write and communicate with it well than other languages.

But with the help of google translator, I have been able to reach a much wider audience and also being able to understand what was written in another language.

opening page of the google translate app

About google translator:

Google translator is a software that helps with the translation of one language to another for easy assimilation and this aids communication.

At the moment, I use the Google translator on my Tecno Andriod phone and I got to download it from google play store for free. Click here to download the app.

In order to use the Google translator, all I have to do is just to open the application on my phone and choose a Language I will be translating from while also selecting the language I want to translate to also.


The red arrow symbolizes the language you want to translate from

The Yellow arrow symbolizes the language you want to translate to

Using the app is easy as 123, all you need do is

  1. Open the app
  2. Select the language to translate from
  3. Select language to translate to
  4. Enter the text you want to translate in the box provided and automatically, the text gets translated to any other language of your choice.

For example

I want to translate "How are you" from English to Chinese.
All I need do is copy the "How are you" text, open the google translator app, select the language I will translating from and also the language I will be translating to, then I paste the text the box provided below, the screenshot of the result is shown below: Screenshot_20200727164720.png Result screenshot from the google translator app

The Questions asked by @steemitblog


My replies

I will be answering in the order of which the question was asked.

  • The google translator app I use is for my Tecno Andriod Phone but I am aware of it also being available on
    Other users interface like iPhone, Mac and Microsoft

  • The Google translator app is very easy to use and it is also available for offline use. So far so good, the application doesn't have any usage issues and problems

  • The application works perfectly for all languages and at the moment, it could translate over a hundred languages

  • for the last question, I will say maybe. I am not entirely sure but their is a translate option attach to my google chrome browser on my Android phone. A screenshot is below; Screenshot_20200727172720.png

thanks for this challenge, I hope plenty more people utilizes this and this will make the season 2 diary game even merrier