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Hello everyone. Welcome.

CHILE 2.jpg

This day, in this contest about the best pic to nature.
I bring the twilight.

The change of the sky is nature too.

And with the ocean i thinks is one of the best view at the world.
There is nature, calm, peace, presente, life, mistery and whatever there are in your soul.

This pic is in Viña del Mar. A very famous festival in America the musica is celebrated in this place.

CHILE 1.png

I invite to this contest to @gertru and @wakeupkitty

and thanks to @Xpilar and @franyeligonzalez


Thanks and Happiness

 last month 

The sky was spectacular, great concerts, they tell me that the beaches are cold, but the landscape is very beautiful!

Greetings and success!

It is .jajaja Thanks. A Hug

nice place

I loved the sunset, you can see the beauty of the world by seeing all the colors this planet gives us, my regards

 last month 

Hello friend, wow, beautiful pictures, the sky looks stunning. Beautiful colors. Always remember to put the source of your images, greetings!

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