The store house

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Old wood

Construction from the past. This little house have two rooms, one for storing and one for living. The living room has stacked timber in all the walls which provides good insulation in cold winter days. The house is from the end of the last century.





How they built houses a hundred years ago
A piece of history from the north



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Everything looks very strong, the old wood is very strong and the architects are very professional. maybe you want to see the sunset in the @karja area

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We have a same things on the north of land


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hello dear friend @karja good day
How many stories would I tell if this house spoke, by itself it transmits many things

This type of construction is used in the south of my country ¨Argentina¨ they are resistant to the winds and warm to face the harsh winter.
I appreciate that you let us know about this memorable construction

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Love it :) Cheers :)

Wow, the house is very old, my friend, but all the wood is still all intact,, @karja

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You are welcome, friend

a house with a lot of history, if we look at the place and its architecture @karja

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As in the plot of one of the Russian fairy tales about Baba Yaga:) She lived in a dilapidated hut on chicken legs. Very interesting, thank you for the beautiful photos!

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This means that this house is very old !!

Hello sir @karja there is something you should see my post. I shared the sunsets there and I'm sure you will love it 😊

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Amazingly string house!! The wood is thick and strong. No metal nails!!

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It is very interesting to see this old wooden house, its two comfortable rooms.

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Wow! What an amazibg photography. There is a lot to tell about this house. Those wood used in constructing it is very strong and could make the house last g
For a very long time.

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You are welcome buddy.

I love old wooden houses like that. They are great photos and you tell us the story of this house. Just the fact that it had 2 rooms and 1 room was still used for storage. The insulation with the stacked wood was also very common back then.

Many thanks for your very good post. It was fun to put myself into the Norwegian history.

Greetings Michael


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Nice old little wooden house! It's interesting to see how they built houses a hundred years ago.... Thanks so much for sharing! ;)

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You're welcome! ;)

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Great pictures. The year I met my husband (twenty years ago) he had just returned from a summer job in Sweden restoring houses like the one in the picture. I believe the builder's name is Sten Nilsson. He has restored dozens of old timber houses and thatched roofs. When I was in Sweden I was in some of these houses and they are beautiful. I really like the green roofs, and inspired by that we built a little storage room with a flat earth roof garden in our garden.

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Thank's so much @romanie for pleasant. Your husband must be a well skilled craftsman, That kind of work is not so easy.