Out on the sea again

in WORLD OF XPILARlast year

Finaly time for fishing.

Was out on the sea today and puts some fishing nets in the water. We are hunting for cods , t omorrow wil show the result.


At the moring place. Prepairing the nets for fishing



The last Viking

The fisher man,
The hunter;
The farmer,
The construction worker,
that's my friend Erik


Approacing the site for fishing

Back ay the boathouse, One last smoke and a cup of coffe



I also love fishing but have never fished in such a beautiful place.

Thank's @lensa-macro for commenting

The photos are very beautiful, there is a very beautiful sea view, and there is a mountain behind that is so beautiful, have a nice day @karja

Thanks so much @taillah for nice comment

This is beautiful whats the location?? Will love to visit here someday..

Thank's @mreasy for comment. Pictures from the arctic sone far to the north in Norway.

Beautiful pics. Today evening even I went to the Sea, was so very beautiful

Thank's @nainaztengra for comment. Sounds good, the sea gives pleasure in many different ways

I caught my first fish at the age of 5. My father bought a small spinning rod and taught me. It was a small carp, but there was no limit to the joy. I'm glad you had a great time:)

Thank's so much @ireen007 for comment. Looks like you have a great father.

Yes, I was very lucky with him:)

one word, it's perfect

Thank's @humaidi

Sunny weather is great for fishing and fish are thought to prefer prey on sunny days. it's so annoying when it's cold only a stick of smoke is left. I hope you get a satisfying sustenance @karja.

Thank's @kurza for nice comment, never to cold for a smoke and a cup of coffee

A very charming photo panorama with the beauty of the sea and mountain views behind you, if your area is winter, have a nice day @karja

Thank's very much @mattmcguire for pleasant comment .

wow, it's very interesting, my friend, i like fishing too, be careful there friends, @karja

Thank's @zubir-steem for comment

You are welcome, friend

Are these the fjords of Norway? The nature is very beautiful, I am delighted!

Thank's @vipnata for nice comment

Wow! How nice to be able to go fishing among freshness of nature.

The Viking looks very impressive!
I like cods but we have only rarely imported cods. Fried and grilled cod!

Thank's so much @kaminchan for comment. Yes cods are great food, can be prepared in different ways

Such a powerful and beautiful background. Strong photo.

Thank's so much @zzulsu

It looks like a nice time for fishing. The mountains are magnificent in the background. The boathouse looks great in bright red color.

Looking forward to the result with much interest. ;)

Thank's @tangmo for pleasant comment, next post will show the results

You're welcome! Will check your post accordingly. ;)

Wow, so beautiful pictures! Great work, Thanks for sharing!

Thank's @arcayart for nice comment

fishing is one of the hobbies that are very fun, even though the smallest fish we can but it is very extraordinary

Thank's so much @partner-macro for comment, even small fishes are interesting to catch if there are plenty of them

😊😊 as a hobby of fishing I say, agree @karja

The sea is a really beautiful thing. You feel comfortable. Glory be to the one who created this and created it. Just advice try To wear well because you may catch a cold or anything like that

Thank's @lfgia for pleasant comment.

The photos and location are all very beautiful 😍. I hope you have a lot of fun.

Thank's so much @vaibhavasan for nice comment

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