Buildings in the landscape

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How small we are

Humans can build and construct, small buildings and huge buildings. Look and say, see how big and nice they became. But in reality compared to nature there is almost nothing





Pictures from different places in Vesterålen

Best regards from the north


Beautiful landscape. Looks so serene!

Thank's so much @camar212

Nature always gives us the perfect beauty, so it is very comfortable for us to enjoy it even if it is only a small place to live. @karja

Thank's so much @mattmcguire for pleasant comment

 3 years ago 

how are you dear friend @karja good day
What beautiful images, you always show us beautiful places.
It is true, nature is so immense that what we do is insignificant.
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
have a nice sunday

Thank's so much @jlufer for pleasant comment, have a nice weekend

The sky looks fabulous @karja, you have captured all pictures wonderfully. Keep sharing and stay blessed and happy 😊

Thank you very much @sduttaskitchen for pleasant comment

Pleasure is all mine @karja, please keep sharing my friend. Stay blessed 😊

The nature is very beautiful, all the places look very nice, thank you for sharing this beauty

Thank's so much @pecintabunga20 for nice comment

Beautiful landscape. Looks so serene! Great combo of blue and green colour.

Thank's so much @ftz for nice comment


que sitios tan lindos,de verdad nítidas fotos y muy lindas y ese hermoso cielo se conjuga con el verdor de la grama y hacen la combinación perfecta, lo felicito y gracias por darme a conocer lo que no sabia que existian,saludos desde venezuela y agradecida de su apoyo.

Thank's so much @petrarodriguez for pleasant comment

de nada amigo siempre leyendo sus buenos trabajos y deleitándome con lindas fotos,gracias a usted por brindarme su apoyo con su voto,saludos desde Venezuela donde la economía esta muy mala,la situación difícil amigo,un abrazo

Good comparison and excellent photography! These make us clearly see that "how small we are".... ;)

Thanks so much mr @tangmo for nice comment

You are much welcome! ;)

Nice shot

Thank's so much mr @head1


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