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Flower name-Trumpet Vine

It is a fast-growing perennial vine and has very beautiful flowers which start blooming in the Summer season. The woody vines are usually strong enough to endure winter while other growth will generally die back, returning again in spring.

Growing conditions-

Pot- The pot should be preferably big in size. A pot size of 12-14 inches in diameter is good. Pot grown vine should be properly pruned to maintain its shape. If grown in ground, the vine can grow up-to 30 to 40 feet.

Soil-Should be well-draining to prevent rotting of roots. Soil should consist of a mixture of sand, garden soil and compost.

Water-In Summer, water once per day and the next watering should be done whenever the top 1-2 inches layer of soil seem dry.

Sunlight- The plant blooms the maximum in the presence of direct sunlight. Keep the plant outside in full sun during the Summer season.

Fertilizer-Use of bone-meal before the Blooming season starts should be applied per month as per the size of the plant for production of continuous flowers.

Trellis-The plant should be provided with a trellis which helps the plant to catch hold of it and to grow upward. As the plant grows, the new shoots can be tucked around the trellis to give a overall bushy and showy look filled with a lot of blooms.






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