feature request * Self imposed blacklisting yourself

Hello, our friend squibe has been raising some more stress in his newest move of upvoting everyone..

I personally have no issue with this as there are much more problematic ways to spam whatever message hes trying to push... Basically So many people think that his upvote is hurting their post payouts, be it somehow it makes the post less valuable - or one i actually think could have some weight -> seeing squibe like your post -> causes some people to avoid it kind of in like a heard mentality way.

anyhow. Is it possible to maybe blacklist yourself from being used in posts upvoted by your service?

for instance. A simple button on the site which uses steemconnect to grab your username, and push it into a json which is used for a referance when the bot goes to vote a post.

Im not saying that its NEEDED, but it's a simple enough process to solve some of the peoples issues. eeven though they are not your fault im sure this guy is using wox to do it. thanks anyhow

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