Weekly Challenge Food Photography week 64 - Yam and Egg Source

in WORLD OF XPILAR5 months ago

Greetings to you my lovely friend. How are you doing and how is everything about you going. Today am going to be showing you the delicious yam and egg source food that I prepare which is shown on the image below.


From the above image you can see that is a white yam and eggs source that I prepare early this morning. I prepared my yam and eggs using the following ingredients; Yam, tomatoes, pepper, onions salt Maggi, fish vegetable leaf and groundnut oil.

Yam and Egg Source is my number one favourite food that I love eating almost three times in a weeks. I use he following steps to Prepared this food.

Step 1: I peal, wash and cut the yam into small pieces and put inside pot together with little water.

Step 2: After I have finished boil my yam I then fried the egg source of which I put groundnut oil, and allow it to get hot before I then added onions into it.

Step 3: After I have added my onions I then add tomatoes and fried before the remaining ingredients was added.

Thank you for reading.

Best Regards;


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