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Here's my entry for this week's PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST hosted by @axeman.


This is the sweet and sassy Evangeline MCDonald, she's just 12 years of age. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a recent studio shoot, my second studio shoot ever. It was great to learn and work with different lighting and hope to do more in the future.


Hi Kirsty, that is such beautiful portrait, somehow immediately attracted my attention. Nice to see you in our community and would be great to see you often around. We are running Visual Art Magazine there are many other Artists you may have an interest to visit them.

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Thank you @art-venture, I'll definitely have a look. I've recently returned and still getting use to all the changes so I appreciate any tips and communities etc to check out. Cheers : )

Beautiful! Great light and colours as well as the style and the makeup. The model looks magnetic and natural.

Congratulations on 3rd place in the portrait contest WEEK #038. I love all 3 top positions - too tough competition this time.

Oh thank you!! I appreciate your kind words. Yes, I agree, so much amazing talent!!

Very nice portrait. Her eyes are so profound.

Thank you @zilustras, I appreciate that : )