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Answering the call of my friend @adeljose to this fun and scary contest, riding a broom I leave you my story. I hope you get scared and can't sleep.


In a house, where only a black cat with very sharp nails and an enchanted pumpkin that indicated to the witch berrugona where the children were located that it should catch for its tasting, they were the company of this wicked one that did not show its ugliness frightening, if not from the midnight, when the wolves auyan and the dead leave to cross the streets.




At midnight, the wicked and bad smelling witch, with a laugh that was heard throughout the region jijijiji. She transformed herself by showing her ugliness, in order to strengthen her powers and go very fast on her broom to the house where the child lived, which was her goal to have a great feast.


He strengthened his powers with two pumpkins and his cat. Grunting his guts out of hunger, he drooled imagining the feast.

The people, alert to Berrugona's tricks, were equipped with salt, scissors, crosses and holy water.

Berrugona had already eaten many children and could not bear to lose any more at her hands.


With her magic powders, her pumpkins and cat, the witch arrived at the chosen house at full speed, took the child and with great pleasure submerged him, taking all the flavor out of him. While she was doing this, an avalanche of people attacked her to see if they could save the child, but everything was in vain, it was too late, he was only submerged as a raisin and the witch left satisfied with his trophy.

jijijiji, achieving his goal.

Take care of your children in berrugona.

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Use the negative effects


ja ja ja mas que susto me hizo reir pero el disfraz quedo chevere

Buena historia amiga @javima.

Gracias por su entrada al concurso.

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Gracias amigo @adeljose