Old Man Water Colour Portrait Painting Process

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Old Man Watercolor.png

Hi everyone, sharing with you today another watercolor portrait practice painting of an old man. I started like most my pieces with the basic tones before moving on to the details. I have found using watercolour pencils effective in capturing sharp details that would be normally be difficult with a brush and combining the two creates an interesting finish. It's easy to overwork watercolors so I forced myself to stop and not add anymore.

The process...

Reference used as inspiration

Completed on A3 300gsm paper over a few hours. Taking breaks helped me see the painting with fresh eyes again and see what I could improve.

Thank you for your support it is much appreciated! :)



Congratulations my friend @iansart, It is an amazing work!

Thanks! :)

Wow, awesome work, I already want to see more of your next drawings! Regards.

Thanks, will be posting more soon :)

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