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Hi everyone, I have been working on some digital work recently to build up my portfolio. Today, I would like to share a Japanese Temple done with a graphics tablet and the free software called Gimp.


I started with some basic blocks for the temple shape. This is the foundation for the form and perspective.

I then did the details of the temple. I used an ink pen as I liked the way the line thickness varied and thought it would create an interesting piece.

I added the base colours to the piece.
Using a lower opacity layer I added the shadows and some of the highlights on the roof. I also added an overlay layer where the light from the sun would touch the front of the temple.
All that was left now was adding the background. I did some blurry hills as I did not want it to draw the attention away from the temple.


Hope you enjoyed the process of this piece and thank you for all your support :)

I will share some more concept designs like this in future.

 7 months ago 

Hello friend, very good digital drawing, the truth is that you captured the most important thing to create a Japanese temple. It has the essence. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, glad you liked it :)