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Its good to see bitcoin has just hit a new all time high of $19,829 (coindesk price) from the previous record set in December 2017 . After 3 years of waiting lets hope altcoins now start to get some attention that they have long deserved.

Today I would like to share with you a recent pen drawing I completed of an old man praying and the process that went into creating it.

I start with a quick sketch to get a feel for the overall proportions.

I then decide to start again with a blue pen on a new page. I was not happy with the angle of the line for the eyes and since it was done with pen I started again. Once I have a few basic lines down I like to start the detail in the eyes and work my way out in the face.

This is the almost finished piece from a side angle. The detail in the coat was not as important as the face so I aimed for a few expressive marks to hint the form but not detract from the face being the focal point.

The finished piece!

IMG_20201130_151656449.jpg (reference)

Hopefully you all held on to some bitcoin and if not I'm sure altcoins will receive attention soon. Where do you think the price of bitcoin will go from here? I think after this short correction there's not much stopping bitcoin breaking 20k and beyond!

Thanks for stopping by and all your support :)



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