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Hi everyone, today I would like to share with you a recent digital painting of a bison and the steps that went into creating it!

This is the final piece

bson final.png

Step 1

bson outline.png
I first created a colourful background. I was after quite warm colours for the sky, the ones you would see in a sunset and some various shades of green for the grass. I then created a rough outline for the bison.

Step 2

bson colour.png
This next step involved painting the bison. I first used quite large brush strokes to place the basic colours and moved on to smaller brushes the more detailed it got. I did not want to much detail as I liked the impressionistic style.

Step 3

To make the final piece more interesting it involved capturing the lighting and contrast in shades. To do this I used a multiply layer to darken the colours away from the light (mostly under the bison) and an overlay layer to brighten areas such as the top and sides of the bison where the light would touch. This step makes all the difference as lighting is very important.

This is the finished result once all the steps have been followed!
bson final.png
Completed with a Wacom graphics tablet
Reference Image

Thanks for stopping by and all of your support!



Hello my dear
I hope all of your affairs are fine
I hope you will visit my page and support me with all love and affection, and I will be grateful for that. Greetings

 8 months ago 

Thanks! :)

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