Art from the Stone Age

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Immortalised in the Stone Age.


Several places in the area where I live there still are traces from the Stone Age in form of figures on rocks (petroglyphs). A bit south from where I live at the place Sagelva river have people from the Stone Age polished two reindeer into the rock. We visited this place on our way to a weekend trip to an island called Engeløya 2 weeks ago.


The figures are located on the rocks above the river without moss.


When these two figures of the reindeers were created, the now regulated Sagelva ran more rapidly and the Sagfjord was much closer.




On a sign across the river is following information:

"The animals are portrayed quite naturalistically, with their head lowered and in their natural size. Parts of the spinal lines are missing most likely due to weathering.

We can never grasp the full meaning behind the pictures. The images have been interpreted in several ways: as tools in hunting magic that gave the hunter power over the game, as markers of territory toward rival tribes and as symbols used in rituals and communication between people".


The rock art is best seen when rays from a low sun are reflected in the polished lines. When i adjusted the angels the pictures appeared clearer on the rock.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse from peoples life around 10 to 12 000 years back in time.

Best regards

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