SUEÑO CON CABALLOS (Part 2) | Classical Guitar Music

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SUEÑO CON CABALLOS — Classic guitar composition in three movements by Spanish guitarist Jose José Luis Merlin.
Performed by my girl Tatyana Yurina.
Sound and video by me, Artem Manzhos (aka @gulia.peito)

This is one of the videos we submitted to the International Folk Instrument Competition. Tatiana has worked very carefully on the second part of this magnificent composition. We'll be recording the rest of the parts shortly.

We will also soon post the second video from Tatiana's competition program.

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 6 months ago 

Beautiful, very peaceful.

Thank you so much!)

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Beautifully performed Tatjana has performed very nicely :)

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Huge thanks! Its really inspire and motivated! Thanks!

Hi! So beautiful art, thanks for sharing! Success for you!!☺

Hi! Thank you so much! Have a nice day!