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Hello Guys!!!

Back again with me @grisiaa-steem, still with Growtopia game content. Where this time guess what I will do today?

Yeah sure, this time I will be a coolie after yesterday being a farmer.


Without further ado, let's get straight to the world'suli-kuli ka process.

Screenshot (826).png

The first step is to prepare the blocks to be destroyed, yeah at least at the beginning of the destruction it must prepare 4,200 blocks. This is so that the destruction is more efficient in saving time collecting the seeds that have been obtained.

Screenshot (827).png

The second step is to take 200 blocks that will be selected in the destruction process. where this time the block I chose was the Growtopia Eating Looming block. So then I tried to continue to fill the empty area with this GEL block. Which I started from the very top of this world. Oh yes, don't forget that this world should be filled first before setting up the tools in step 3.

Screenshot (829).png

We enter step 3 which in this step is setting up the supporting tools in the destruction process, both at block collection, seed collection and even the selected block destruction tool. As I'm doing now, I'm setting Unstable Terserract (UT) for automatic block collection.

Screenshot (832).png

Still step 3 is setting up Gaia Bacon which is useful for collecting seeds from blocks that have been destroyed.

Screenshot (833).png

The refuelling process uses gems from the Terserract Manipulator (TM) tool which functions as an automatic destruction tool. 1 gems that we fill in this TM will be converted as 1 hit on the selected item. This can be said that I need 5 gems to destroy the GEL block which has 5 hits the number of hits needed to destroy this block.

Screenshot (834).png

Still with step 3 where after the fuel is fully charged then we immediately choose the type of block that will be destroyed. well after that how? Congratulations you have saved 3 hours of your time to break all the blocks with the replacement of this one tool.

Screenshot (835).png

display of supporting items that have been set. Then what about after this? Of course, continue to steps 4 and 5, namely repeating the steps above. This is because the world that became the crime scene can only accommodate 4,200 blocks while the bock obtained during 1 harvest can reach 10,000-11,000 blocks depending on my luck in this farming process. For this reason, it is necessary to repeat the steps above. After that, what else?

Thank you for visiting my blgo this time. Greetings @grisaia-steem

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