⚽ Fantalive Serie A Gameweek 12 Update

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With Napoli and AC Milan finally remaining unbeaten but both failing to pick up all 3 points last weekend, it was nice to see representatives from 10 different teams appear in FantaLive's team of the week. Very few of which were owned by any of Steemit League's managers.


Gameweek 12 Round-Up

It was a closely fought gameweek with the 3 top scorers getting exactly the same score - 52 points. @the-gorilla and @jacorv continuing their fine performances and @jimah1k completing the top 3.

This means that @jacorv remains just 8 points behind @the-gorilla with @arahman remaining in 3rd place with a score of 47.



Head-to-Head League


@arahman's narrow defeat to @jimah1k has given @abu78 a big advantage in the Head-to-Head league with a lead of 6 points from 3 teams who have joined the league, and 1 who hasn't.


It's the turn of @titopx next to try to beat our runaway leader.

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I actually taught I was far behind😄. I still have a chance to redeem myself😂

 2 months ago 

All of the leagues are so close still for the top 3 - you've done so well with all of them despite your course (or wherever you've been) getting in the way of things.

I need to put in more effort if I want to win more steem

 2 months ago 

I'm not giving it away easily 😆

😂😂. I’ll try to win it at all cost😃

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello! Do you need new participants for the new season? ⚽

 2 months ago 

I'll certainly advertise everything again next year - I've considered adding a weekly prize for all of the leagues (to generate a bit more interest) but it quickly becomes quite expensive for me!

I'll also need to decide if I run them all next year - it takes up quite a lot of my time and I'm not sure there's as much interest outside of the Premier League and La Liga. (and the aforementioned money I'm giving away 😆)

 2 months ago 

You can try to support fewer leagues next year, but with higher prizes. Where there are prizes, there is always interest. If the interest is so great that you will be cramped in the number of leagues, then you can add new ones.

It won't be too expensive for you and will free up time for something else you like, such as sports posts or comment ratings.

What I can say for sure is that one league is definitely not enough. I take part in only one and I have to wait so long... :)

 2 months ago 

I think that I've gone too big with the prizes this year - I'm definitely going to reduce the prizes for the English FPL. I'll also rejig them to avoid the number of people who join and then just ignore everything. So some kind of "most involved" award or something. My hope when I launched this, was to tap into the huge FPL community that exists and for it to attract a lot of new people and discussion. Which hasn't really happened.

We'll see how we get on as time passes by. I've got 2 children now which is making it impossible to find the time to write - so at least the FPL updates give me something to keep engaged with the community.

What I can say for sure is that one league is definitely not enough. I take part in only one and I have to wait so long... :)

Do more in the transfer market 🙂 It always makes things interesting!

 2 months ago 

too big with the prizes

Yes, for Steemit these are very big prizes.

I've got 2 children now

This is without a doubt the best thing in life, no matter what the challenges or responsibilities.

Do more in the transfer market 🙂 It always makes things interesting!

I try to buy someone every day. But so far I have managed to strengthen the team with 3 players. I bought another one, but I didn't strengthen the team with it :)

It is necessary that FPL got to the list of competitions from
@disconnect, then there will be a lot of participants. But not everyone will stay. Therefore, this idea:

"most involved"

sounds good, but these should be small payments. It is necessary that people wanted to get to the prizes at the top of the standings.

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