Red berries in winter ❄️ 🍃

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Photos taken in my garden today 🍃 We are surrounded by vibrant red berries and and green shoots reappearing in expectation of spring.


The lockdown in the U.K. may continue into spring and perhaps summer, so I am hopeful we will have a mild spring and be able to go for walks to blow the cobwebs out 🕸


I am treating this lockdown as a hibernation and doing some yoga, breathing exercises, listening to piano music and doing some artwork. The childcare and remote working goes on but with the opportunity for small pauses in between 🧘🏻‍♀️💭


So nice pics! I love to take pics of red berries during the winter season, they looks like red spots on a monochrome background ^_^

Thank you 😊

 9 months ago 

I love the firs photo, such bright berries with dry leaves, such contrast. I think yoga is really something that helps in such situation of isolation. Still the number of new infection cases is high. Hope till Easter it will be a bit under control. We were thinking to have little trip to West coast. Will see if that happens :)

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Yes, we are hoping to be able to travel over Easter too, but the variant is rife around here. Thank you so much for your nomination, so kind of you 🙏🏽