Quirky and historic Cambridge 📸

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Photos taken today of an old English phone booth painted uncharacteristically pink! No-one uses a phone box these days, so this one now sells tickets for a punting tour 🎫

I have been home alone for a day or so and decided to pop into Cambridge city to shop without the kids 🛍

Turns out that with the sun shining on a Sunday, a lot of other people were also out and about. It was packed and there was little social distancing going on. It became mandatory to wear a mask in England as of yesterday and not a day too soon! 😷


Cambridge is a beautiful, historic city. Visitors can wander into the colleges and enjoy the manicured gardens and opulent churches, though with the pandemic the doors may stay closed for longer 💭


Then there is Fitzbillies, a Cambridge institution that supplies the finest patisserie and delicious ice creams 🍦It supplies Cambridge University colleges and is a great place for a cup of tea and a slice of cake 🍰

@fleur ☺️


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