Paddington Bear wears a mask 😷

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 months ago


Photo taken in Cambridge 📸

Paddington Bear is a British Institution and you can see that he wears a mask when shopping 😷

You may know that Paddington came from Peru and loves marmalade. Recently, he was in an advert for marmite (which I love and eat every day) and there was great consternation amongst his fans! 🍯

It was rather a hot day to be wearing a duffle coat in this 35c heat for a bear but then he must be used to Peruvian weather ☀️


That is very cute to see Paddington Bear in masks I think for parent it is then easy to explain to their children that masks are necessary :)

My 4 year old won’t wear one unfortunately! Thankfully it’s not against the law 😅

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