Lockdown in winter musings ❄️

in WORLD OF XPILAR9 months ago


In the midst of a cold winter, we are appreciating the birdsong and the beautiful crisp blue skies. My children don’t seem to feel the cold or mind the muddy fields and we all need a little fresh air to blow the cobwebs out 🕸


We have black squirrels in our village as well as the common grey squirrels. They are only found in two places in England so spotting one is quite special. They are out and about digging up their hidden nuts during hibernation 🌰


I wish humans hibernated more but until this lockdown there was little opportunity for slowing down in winter. This winter we have stayed in more, read and eaten more chocolate, slept in later and found “hobbies”. My daily yoga practice is helping me feel more present and calmer in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown 🙏🏽

(Photos taken at the Cambridge Botanic Garden) 🍃