Floatation pod 💦

in WORLD OF XPILARlast month (edited)

My yoga studio has this beautiful drop shaped floatation pod full of Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate) which I tried last night. The wam water felt oily to the touch and after I showered, my skin felt squeaky clean and comfortable.

During the hour of floating with this sensory deprivation, I sang a Buddhist song to myself and my mind wandered everywhere. Rather than have a sleep inducing effect, it left me alert and awake for hours planning and working overtime!


The reported benefits of floating therapy are entering into a deep state of relaxation, reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep and reduced pain. It may alleviate eczema and improve the symptoms of arthritis.

I have two more sessions and then I may recreate the scene at home a little with some pure Epsom salts in my bath, together with a few drops of relaxing lavender oil perhaps. Oddly, after an hours soak, my finger tips and toes did not look like prunes as they would after a hot bath 😆

(Health facts from healthline.com)

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