9.8.20 Scrumping fruit & Snapping flowers 🍎 🌻steemCreated with Sketch.

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Photos taken at Wimpole Hall, Cambridge


The plums are ripe and sweet like jam. The apples are ripening and falling off the trees. We have spotted walnuts and blackberries ready to eat. My children get really excited scrumping for plums as they wander around. We gather a few fallen apples for the piggies too.


It feels as though we are heading into autumn early this year and yet there is a heatwave and thunderstorms are predicted tomorrow. Perhaps this is global warming.


The dahlias are in full bloom at this time of year and they are so beautiful and vibrant in colour and geometric pattern. Much like the sunflowers that I love 🌻


Walking in nature is a great tonic during this pandemic. We would still like to travel to Venice in a couple of weeks but numbers are rising in both countries 💭

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