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Thank you to @xpilar for hosting this contest.

Statuesque 4 - PS - TN.jpg
Thumbnail Version


Genesis 8 Female.JPG
Started with a Genesis 9 Female...

Statuesque 8.JPG
Added the semi-completed model, after I morphed the body, changed her position, facial expression, and added clothes.

Statuesque 7.JPG
Added a mirrored floor.

Statuesque 6.JPG
Added hair.

Statuesque 5.JPG
Added texture, light and color.

Statuesque 4.jpg
Final render.

Statuesque 4 - PS.jpg
Post Photoshop: Added lens flare.


Tools and assets used:

Daz3D Studio, Iray and Photoshop
Genesis 9 Female Template
BS French Braid Hair
AH OGO dForce Dress
UG Glass Floor
Daz3d and HDRI Lighting

In Summary:

  • I start out with a model template and morph the body physically.
  • I put the body into a position, change facial expressions, add makeup, dress the model, add skin texture, props, etc…
  • I either can embed the character into the background or wrap the environment around the character, then add lighting and camera settings, like depth of field.
  • Rendering time was about 3 hours.
  • Postwork in Photoshop (adding imperfections in the skin, changing atmosphere and lighting, etc…)

Stay frosty people.


Amazing professional shooting. I really like the look of this image

Thank you very much @albanna.

 21 days ago 

I may not agree with the element of her dress that is highly visible and annoying at her back, but I really, really like everything else. Great work!

I appreciate it @jpegg :)


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Thank you very much @o1eh :)

 19 days ago 

Amazing work. The lighting is perfect.

Thank you @offgridlife.

This is stunning! I love it!👍

Thanks @mboma :)

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