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At the end of a long day, Emily slips into some comfortable clothes to unwind…and in the moment, pausing for a second to take this photo.

This render is an entry to the Portrait Photography and Art Contest - WEEK #098
Thank you to @axeman and World of Xpilar for hosting this contest.


Genesis 8 Female.JPG
Started with a Genesis 8 Female Template.

Relaxing 4.JPG
Added a living room environment.

Relaxing 3.JPG
Added a couch.

Relaxing 2.JPG
After I created the model from the template, I added her to the scene.

RY Belynda 3.jpg
1st Pre-Photoshop Render in Daz3D

Post Photoshop Render - Changed the hue to something lighter. Final Result.

Tools, assets and techniques used:

Daz3D Studio, Iray and Photoshop
Genesis 8 Female Template
Hotba Hair
WeightlessDress Clothes
Daz3D Lighting
M8 Luxury Loft In Manhattan Environment

In Summary:

  • I start out with a model template and morph the body physically.
  • I put the body into a position, change facial expressions, add makeup, dress the model, add skin texture, props, etc…
  • I either can embed the character into the background or wrap the environment around the character, then add lighting and camera settings, like depth of field.
  • Rendering times can take 10 minutes to 2 hours per render.
  • Postwork in Photoshop (adding imperfections in the skin, changing atmosphere, creating depth of field, etc…)

Stay frosty people.


Greetings friend @fijimermaid

Excellent work friend, very good skill to create scenarios.

Thank you thank you :)

does impress! especially the transition from 1st Pre-Photoshop Render to the photoshop tuning. frankly speaking I did not guess it was a 3D art at the 1st glance, looked like a realistic photo to me!

Thanks so much...that means a lot...I'm trying to make these renders more real :)

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