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I always, always, always consider Sunday as a relaxing day: this is no stress, no working, no overthinking about the week that's about to start, just relaxing and doing whatever I feel like doing. So today I wanted to sleep in a little bit more, so I turned off my alarm clock, that's one great sensation for sure! I ended up wake up at 10am more or less, a pretty decent time... I had breakfast with my mum, we simply had some toasts with cheese and mate. Not much to tell here.

After a while, I cleaned up a bit and got ready to go to the supermarket, it's that time of the week... There were no many people, which was completelly weird, but won't complain over this!! Haha I got some of the regular stuff, like meat and vegetables and I also got this beautiful thing:

Comentario en español para todos mis amigos de Venezuela: Gracias a todos ustedes y a sus fotos tan tentadoras de arepas... intentaré hacerlas yo! Jajaja Esta vez no conseguí la harina PAN (que hasta donde sé, es la que usan ustedes), pero espero que esta sea igual de buena... ya les comentaré los resultados cuando las haga! 😆

This is corn fluor (I guess) which is specially used to make arepas... After seeing so many diaries from friends from Venezuela, I really feel like eating arepas and they're not that easy to find where I live, so I'll just have to make my own! I hope this works out!! Haha 😆

And that's my favourite part of the supermarket, bread and all that stuff 🥰

I got back home and put everything that I had bought away, eat a light snack and then got ready for my long run. I was supposed to run only an hour and a half, but why not give it a little bit more? I was running on fresh legs so I felt like running for a bit more, this is the result:

I'm really happy about it! I didn't run this far since January, more or less, and the pace was pretty decent! It was really crowded, since it was a beautiful "almost-spring" day, so I had to change my plans and run to places that were not as crowded... Still, it was a great afternoon! I just plugged my headphones, listened to some Avicii and AC/DC afterwards and that's it... let it run. 🥰

I got back home feeling great, stretched for a bit so that tomorrow wouldn't hurt and prepared some snacks to eat. I made sort of toasts with boiled eggs and avocado, it was really good and easy to prepare! Best combination ever! Haha After some time, I watched TV for a while and looked for new series to watch, I will take into account some series that have been reviewed in the contest we're running! We've got pretty good information over there!

After that, we talked for a while with @belenguerra to try to come up with new ways of recruiting people to our community and what contests we will be running next! Also, we talked about what stategies to develop in order to help Steemit grow! Pretty interesting things coming! :)

Before going to bed, I remembered that I had bought some crayons in the market and I felt like painting for a while! I had this book of patterns that my mum got me from a trip to Chile:

Instead of being on my phone or computer, I thought it'd be a good idea to practice and do something that I haven't payed attention to in years! I had so much fun and it felt so relaxing! Of course, I didn't finish it since it's a veeeeery detailed pattern, but I might finish it tomorrow or on Tuesday!

I definitely think that this is something I should really start paying attention to! I think that we should feed our mind not only with information and "hard stuff", but also with spiritual and creative things. Well, my creative ways have always been writing and playing sports, so this is something that could be developed further more! I'll give it a try and try to improve as much as I can!! :)

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Gracias por su apoyo! :)

Nenaaa jajaja te consumiste todas las calorías de una comida diaria!! Jajaj. Qué lindo!! Que ganas de salir a correr. Aca esta todo con virus. Igual hay gente que sale... estaré exagerando?

Vamos que se viene W & R reloaded!! 💪💪


Si salis sola y subiendote el tapabocas cuando pasas al lado de alguien, no pasa nada! Sali a correr que es bueno para el alma.. y obvio, despues es mejor aun reponer las calorias! jajajaaj

Sí lo se que es bueno!!! Amo correr. Vos estas a otro level igual jaja. Yo corro tipo como yogi vagando por las praderas (aunque sea la calle, no hay praderas aca jajaja). Pero la gente anda suelta y se bajan el tapabocas todo el tiempo. Soy virgo, asi que... TOC jaja

Hola @fendit me impresiona mucho tu carrera, wow muy buen estado de forma física felicidades, ojalá esas arepas te salgan divinas y disfrutes un rato el sabor de VENEZUELA

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Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

AC/DC, wow! I like your taste, it's perfect 🤗
You rock in running !!! 😃

#onepercent #ukraine

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