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RE: STEEM AUTO OWNED BY XPILAR, We give you a brand new Steem-Auto

It is not @xpilar who is stealing votes, but rather @steem-supporter

The problem with @xpilar is that he is not doing his job as a Witness to stop the madness that @steem-supporter is creating.

Now @steem-supporter can also control downvotes!


why the fuck you think someone simply can stop me , i don't listen to anyone -- and i don't have anything to loose

I know that no one can stop you! Not even @xpilar can stop you now! You are invincible precisely because you have nothing to lose. I tried to warn everyone, but they have not yet taken this issue as seriously as they should have. So congratulations, you should create a new account called @steem-hater and downvote everyone while you only upvote yourself, and that way you will be even more invincible, and will rule the Steem World... well, not @steemchiller's Steem World but... never mind... you know what I mean!

No I will not downvote every thing ..I will only downvote you

Be my guest, my Child, for the Lord hath given you the Keys of Power, and you will reign over the Steem Kingdom for 1000 years!

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