My First Pencil Portrait of Jack Nicholson (100% Power up)

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This used to be my favorite Joker well before Joaquin Phoenix played the role. His natural expression (that is Jack Nicholson) when he plays the part really makes me laugh. And his weird broad smile is a sight, a beautiful sight. I kinda went through the trouble of finding the short clip of his favorite line, you know the one he says before shooting someone;
'Have you ever danced with the Devil in a pale moonlight?'

And here's another scene I really love and just can't afford to leave out. It's the scene where he visited the Museum of Arts where miss Vail was and there did the Joker dance. My favorite step was when he imitated the tiptoing bronze statue before pushing it
Here you have it...

My love for this portrait cannot be expressed with words as it's the first of many Jack Nicholson I'll be making. I do hope you love it feel free to leave your comments below....


..these are the drawing procedures....







As always, thanks for stopping by.


Your works are very realistic 😉

Thanks 🙏

Your welcome 😊

you are a genius

😊😊...I'm flattered...

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 4 months ago 

He's definitely a great actor, and you will have so many expressions to develop your impressive work!! This portrait is wonderful!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

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