Weekend Getaway to Malam Jabba

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An exciting travel trip to famous Ski Resort in Pakistan - Malam Jabba

May 2023.

Imagine... You are talking to a friend on phone - You tell an interesting story with every sizzling detail, only to hear this from the other end - Helloooo! you there?

You get annoyed and shout back - Can you hear me?

Your friend says something back in response to "the story" but you can't hear anything after first four words....

Sounds familiar?


I don't know if it was the bad network or what...my last post was again abducted by some invisible "steemonster" and thrown back in the open, hours later, all crinkly and old.

Right now, I'm probably just talking to the phone with no one at the other end or going to be swallowed by the "steemonster" who's lurking behind the Publish button.

This post wasnt meant to be a rant about Steem's current communication-situtation. I promised to share another adventurous travel story a while ago, it's time to share it.

Honestly, I don't feel up to sharing anything here because "is it even a social media without getting social?". But I have a strong urge to write something so let me shout into the phone if the need be - those who want to hear will find a way. ;)

Enough with the banter...

Last year was all about traveling. This particular trip was more of a weekend getaway. Since Friday was off, we left on Thursday afternoon. The plan was to spend the first night at Malam Jabba , next two at Kalam Valley and get back home by Sunday.


Swat Motorway

The journey to Malam Jabba was nothing but pleasant. The beautiful Swat Motorway, piercing through the mountains and forming long, dark tunnels, kept our eyes wide open. The transition from bright sky to pitch black tunnels and back under the bright sky kept kids excited like a game of hide and seek.

We had to leave the motorway soon and drive through the city of Mingora in Swat Valley. The road there was under repair, but luckily there were only 30 minutes of slight inconvenience before we reached the base of the Malam Jabbba mountain.


Malam Jabba smooth but gloomy road

The road to the mountain top was smooth. It started raining heavily as we neared the top, which slowed us down a bit, but we managed to reach there in less than hour. We had to literally run towards the guestroom as we had no umbrellas (should've checked the forecast) and we couldn't risk wetting the few clothing items that we brought along.

We quickly dropped the luggage in the room, ordered tea and snacks through room service, and went outside because the rain had suddenly slowed down. The view was so mesmerising; the clouds were so low, as if ready to welcome us to the mountain top.


MalamJabba Hilltop

Soon, our snacks were ready, which we decided to have in the beautiful sunroom which was like the highlight of the place. We spent some time there, had an early dinner, and retired to our room.


Beautiful Sunroom

The next morning, we had an early breakfast, and decided to explore the surroundings. It was a beautiful, partly sunny and partly cloudy kind of morning. I took tons of pictures, most of those are in my old laptop which is a headache to deal with so bear with a few I have.


Had to capture these cute pigeons

Malam Jabba is famous for being the largest ski resort in Pakistan. The ski slope is 800 meters long and has a height of 2800 meters above sea level.


View from Malam Jabba top - the snowy peaks you see are of some other mountains

Since we went in May, there was no skiing or snowboarding but some other exciting activities like zipline, chairlift, human slingshot, giant swing and a couple of activities for kids like wall climbing and trampoline got our interest.

I couldn't imagine being thrown by a slingshot, so we tried everything else.

All in all, we had a great time. Although I didn't want to leave, we drove off to our next destination before noon.

Little did we know the horrors waiting for us ahead...

To be continued...

All pictures are captured by me unless otherwise stated.


Yes, I can hear you, clearly and understandably ;-))

Very nice - the only irritating thing is the barbed wire in the last photo. You don't see that every day in holiday areas...


The barbed wire was only around a small military setup as a security measure.

 4 months ago 

I never cease to admire the landscapes of your country.

It has much to offer.

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If there is one thing I enjoy most about steemit is that it gives me the privilege to see around the world using pictures and videos.

See how beautiful the landscape, the hills and the trees are… this are stuffs you won’t see on discover channel…😊

Then speaking about your rants… you are not alone in this. I had to switch to Steemitdev.com for the main time till steemit rectify whatever is disturbing their site…

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