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The title of this contest intrigued me and the entries that followed encouraged me to give it a try. Although, I was supposed to write the last article from wedding stories but it can wait... (:

Roughly 5 years ago, my wardrobe was full of blue, my home was blue, my phone was blue.... it had been my favourite colour till my late twenties. Not because of the idiom 'feeling blue'; to me it's a symbol of elegance and royalty. Now royalty has nothing to do with me except that I'm a Leo 🦁, and otherwise no connections to the throne even remotely. 😆

I can't help but mention, navy blue has been my favourite of all and recently Icy Blue has been growing on me.

Thanks to @charter, I took out time to scroll back the years in my camera roll and found some amazing 'blues'. Please excuse the quality of some pictures which is affected by multiple transfers and compressions, if I start digging out the original images from my ancient computer, the deadline for the colour Blue will pass, which I don't want. So bear with what I present. (:


Sea of Marmara, Turkey - 2019
Took this picture while on a ferry to Prince's Island

That ferry ride is forever etched in my brain. Although it was my second trip to an Island (the first one was in Pakistan), I enjoyed it the most. While the latter was adventurous and an experience of a lifetime, the former was calm, serene, and magical. I had never felt so lost in the vastness of the sea. Perhaps, it was the monochromity of the scene - the vastness of colour blue in the form of sea and a beautiful sky.


Karachi, Pakistan - 2021
Took this picture while on a trip to Bahria Adventure Land

I'm not a fan of recreational rides - never been to a roller coaster or free falls. I'm not a fan of adrenaline rush which can make me sick - mentally is ok. I won't go into the details of how I ended up in that park because I have a feeling I've shared the story on Steem before. Despite my strong aversion to such rides, I love Ferris Wheels - for one they are less thrilling and let you enjoy a bird-eye view. I took this picture at dusk - the wheel was changing colours, I captured it when it was transitioning from white to blue because it went perfectly with the sky above.


Attabad Lake, Pakistan - 2023
Took this picture while racing past this lake, in my car

This picture is not perfect, because we were on a highway and just came out of a tunnel when the lake suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I barely had a few seconds to capture it. Although, we did make a pit stop at the lake later on, this first picture (in its raw form) is my favourite. I fell in love with the blue colour of the lake against the gray mountains. The mountains were so tall, that it was hard to bring the sky into the lens even at a wide angle. Might have been easier if I weren't in a moving car.

P.S. Which shade of blue is this? Turquoise, Teal, or Steel Blue, or something else.


Multan, Pakistan - 2024
Took this picture from the garden in parents' home

It was only a random click while enjoying a clear sky after a fortnight of fog. Where I live, the weather is generally warm and sunny, so I like rainy, gray, and cool days. But this time, the gray went on for too long, spreading melancholy and viruses everywhere. I had never been so sick. When I felt better and came out in the open, this clear blue sky seemed to heal that day as well. (:

event-horizon - 2023
Taken at my brother's wedding

I was contemplating whether to share this picture or not. Not a fan of my portraits/selfies. But this pictures shows my love for Icy Blue and failed attempt to be Elsa. Please excuse the false lash that's about to fall.

Note: I might have shared some of the pictures already on Steem but in a totally different context and not as the main subject of any article.

 2 months ago 

O my!
Lovely blues...
Beautiful pictures and pretty you ❤️

I'm so tempted to participate now...

Thank you! 😀

I would love to see your creative take on the contest.

 2 months ago 

I understand why you might think your picture isn't perfect, but let me tell you something, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You are beautiful just the way you are, with your unique personality and style. And who knows? Maybe someone else also loves Icy Blue and wants to be Elsa! So don't worry about false eyelashes - they just add a little charm to your photo. Keep being yourself and embrace your inner magic :)))

Ummm... It's not about me being perfect - looks are not the first, second or even third thing that attract me in anyone or myself. It's just that I'm more into landscape or object photography and if there are faces then I like sentiments or look for a story behind the photo.

Thank you for this interesting contest.

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