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Our friend @charter is back with another colour this week. Last week, it was blue and now it's colour green from our beautiful planet.

Although, I didn't make it even to the honoury list in the previous challenge but no worries - I am participating again because it's fun and evoked my interest in photography after a long time.

Since, we recently moved to this place, the front yard was almost barren; apparently previous owners weren't interested in maintaining it. But I love the green in and around my house. So, we have been taking care of the old wilting plants and planted some summer seedlings.

I was having a stroll in my front yard, the other day, to check up on the progress. There's this old lemon plant which we have managed to revive back to life. I was only checking for lemons, when my eyes suddenly fell to a cute caterpillar, probably napping on a leaf. It was creating a perfect camouflage that at first, I couldn't even see it.


And then, upon closer inspection, I spotted another buddy. This one immediately started posing in front of my camera.

Probably, a model in another life.🤔


It has yet to transform into a 'pupa' but I could already see the print of a beautiful butterfly's wings.


It was eager to turn around its head and look direclty into the lens. I totally appreciate its great response to my poor camera chivalry.

 2 months ago 

Wow, interesting take on post!

Although, I didn't make it even to the honoury list in the previous challenge

Hehe, I didn't even get a reply... Lol. But true, it's an interesting contest. Simple prompt yet very intriguing.

Keep up the good work, charter!

Hehe, I didn't even get a reply...

I saw that but in my opinion, it was a beautiful entry which is going to get it's worth. ;)))

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