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RE: 💬 Promoting WOX's Top Commenters - Supporting Steemit's Vision Week #1

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 years ago

I congratulate this initiative. There are times when you see large numbers of prizes in posts, however, there is no comment that tells you that someone reads or sees what you have written. I am particularly moved, in addition to the likes, by the appreciations of the people who visit me, and with this I know that I speak for many. Let's keep going @the-gorilla!

 3 years ago 

Thank you and I really hope that the incredible response that this initiative has received is reflected in the posts by others. A large proportion of the interaction within this community is by the moderators and it'll be great to see more interaction amongst the rest of the community. I look forward to seeing this happen and for everybody to enjoy being here more as a result 👍

Yes, for a community to feel like a real one, it is through those of us who live in it. It needs the warmth of everyone!
Thanks for the opportunity!

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