Temple of beauty and giver of life.

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Hello everyone! as usual I'm back to show you another of my works. This time I have decided to make a drawing of human figure, specifically the female figure. In the art school in the analytical drawing course it is very common the practice of nude drawings as a reference theme.

I have decided to participate in the contest of the beauty of the female body because the body in general is a very vast source of inspiration and subject of reflection in art, and in particular is one of my favorite themes.


The female body, temple of beauty and giver of life, portal between this world and the source from which we come, enigmatic mystery, figure of eroticism and goodness, able to captivate both genders.
The woman should be one of the greatest figures of respect and authority in this world for her indisputable qualities.

A bit of the process.

figura-humana-1 proceso.jpg

Well dear friends this has been my work today, I hope you have enjoyed it. see you in the next one. Thank you for your attention.


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Thank you! the human body is one of my favorite subjects.

Same for me.