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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week, I'm back to continue sharing with you my portrait studies. I am currently aiming to improve in relation to coloring synthesis and the time it takes me to complete the drawing. I've started a kind of drawing marathon so that I can see results in more ways than one.


The technique I have used is mixed media, where I make the drawing by hand with pencil on paper and then scan it at a resolution of 300ppi, then I color it in photoshop.


I really like to make line art with pencil and look for an integration of digital and analog media. I have used the reference image from Pinterest, a page with a diversity of references and a source of inspiration for many creative sectors.

I share with you a bit of the process.

Estudio-de-retrato-treinta-y-7 proceso.jpg

Here is the link to the reference image.


Well dear friends, that's all for this post. Soon I will be back with you to continue showing my progress. Thanks for your attention.

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