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Hello everyone! I have spent a long time inactive in the community but today I come back to resume my blog. I will be sharing about artistic projects, such as drawing, illustration, painting and sculpture.


Today I bring you a female portrait study. This is one of my recurring themes when doing portrait practices. The technique used for this drawing is mixed media. I make the line art with pencil on paper and then I scan and clean it, and then color it in Photoshop.

I found the reference image on Pinterest, a page where you can find inspiration for a variety of creative themes.


I like to look for a kind of gestuality of my own from the stroke and the plot to give it a personal imprint. I like the result even though I still have a lot to improve.

Here I show you a bit of the process.


I share with you the link to the reference image.

Well friends I hope you all liked it, I hope to be very soon sharing more of my work with you. That's it for this post back to Hiveblog. Thanks for your attention.

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