Pictorial proposal - self bandage

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Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week, I'm back to continue sharing more of my work. This time I bring you a handmade painting in which I started to inquire about our perception in relation to our inner world and how it affects our external world.


In this first proposal I have started by representing a blindfolded person, looking for a metaphor that our selfish limitations deprive us of living our life to the fullest, blindfolded by our toxic and obsessive beliefs of what makes us suffer. Where we put our attention we put our energy.

A little bit of the process.

Boceto para propuesta 1 proceso.jpg

I have generated this image by traditional means, it is acrylic paint on opaline cardboard, I have started by anchoring the support with the colors that can be seen to then make the base drawing with pencil, then I have painted on this drawing, seeking to generate an expressive brushstroke, influenced by previous studies of impressionist masters, not so much looking to achieve a hyperrealistic finish but a more gestural technique that is in line with what I want to say. As for color theory, I have worked with a harmony of complementary colors between violet red and yellowish green.


Anyone interested in hiring my services for any children's illustration project, realistic or semi-realistic can contact me through this medium or through my intagram account.


Well dear colleagues, this has been all for this post, I will be soon with you again showing my work and looking forward to progress in my artistic path. Thanks for your attention.

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