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Hi Steemians 🌸

Let's take a look at Rumelian Lighthouse Castle, a castle from the 17th century. It is a castle with a wonderful ambiance, both with its historical fabric and its magnificent view arising from its location 👌

Because of these features, it also has a lot of visitors. When I visited this place, one couple's engagement and another couple's wedding photo shoot were taking place. Looks like it's an interesting open-air studio.


The castle is located at the farthest point of the Bosphorus on the Black Sea side of Istanbul. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has a magnificent view. As you can see in the photos, it was built with the stone masonry technique. I've marked and added its map image below so you can see its location in more detail.

Rumelian Lighthouse Castle's Location

The spaces where the guns were placed have become the spots where visitors sit and watch the scenery. It is a good idea to go early to find a good place, especially on the weekends, as it is busy. You can sit in these spaces by taking your chair with you. It is also free to bring food and drink as long as no waste is left around and no damage is done.



It makes me feel good to watch the unique beauties of nature while touching on history.

In uncrowded times, especially in winter and weekdays, the sounds heard are just the relaxing sound of waves and wind 🌊

I have also included a photo of the castle taken with a drone so you can see the general location and view.

Rumelian Lighthouse Castle

There are stairs inside the towers and from here you can walk over the walls of the castle. I can't say it's 100% safe, but if you are careful, you can complete your walk without any problems like me 😅

The purpose of the castle was to monitor the entrance of French and British ships to the strait during the Crimean War. As you can see behind me in the first photo, there is an arched entrance door.



I also mentioned the tower from which I climbed the stairs. There are 2 of these towers. I have attached photos of both. It is known that there were soldiers' houses, an arsenal, a wheat warehouse and a mosque during the period of active use. It is stated that about 300 soldiers lived here at that time.



This castle was used as a military guard post for a while during the Republican Period. The castle was illuminated with kerosene for one period and acetylene for another period.

Now, as I said before, it is used as a historical place open to the public. It is also a preferred location for shooting movies, TV series and clips.


When I went upstairs from the tower, I encountered the wind. It's a great condition for the summer months but turns into freezing cold in the winter. When it comes to the view, both the sea and the lighthouse and the village greet you. A great place for those who are bored with the noise and buildings of the city.



For those who wonder how you look from the outside while sitting in the spaces around the castle, this photo is the outside view of the castle. In other words, there are cliffs up to the sea around the castle. You can walk and sit in this area by coming down here if the waves are not coming.


I have added a short video of the castle so that you can feel the ambience from every angle, see the waves and witness the moment. When telling a place, only mentioning photos and information feels like it is incomplete. For this reason, adding videos as much as possible supports the narration.

As I said before, I wish smell and sound could be added as well. Is that too much to ask? 😀 Those who want to enjoy history, nature, the sea and the vast landscape, I hope one day get the chance to visit this castle. I can say that it is the right place to get lost in thoughts.


I hope that the photos and information from this trip will interest you and create the excitement of visiting this castle 😍

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post ✨
Thank you 🤗


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@enveng An impressive place. They have been very good review photographs. Total support!

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