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Hi Steemians 🎶

I visited the Antonín Dvořák Museum of the esteemed composer Dvořák, whom I know from the Symphony No. 9 ✨ This museum is in Prague. Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904) was a world-renowned romantic Czech composer and violin and organ virtuoso of the 19th century 🎼🎻🎹 He also was a great traveler from Europe to America 🌍👌



The museum was opened in 1932 in this beautiful baroque villa. Both the garden and the interior of the museum, which draws attention with its architecture, are very beautiful. The museum contains Dvořák's manuscripts, musical instruments, Cambridge graduation gown, his furniture, etc. The Cambridge graduation gown is shown in the photo below.



I will share with you what I learned from the museum about Dvořák's life and music 😊 Dvořák's musical talent was evident from his childhood. His musical talent was also encouraged by his family. In my opinion, few things are as precious as a family supporting their children💕 Between the ages of 12 and 15, he lived with his aunt and uncle and started playing harmony, piano and organ.



Hey, look at the beauty of that room, I love historical furnitures. Elegant, simple and stylish😍 I'll continue the story of Dvořák's life. He also wrote his first works during this period. Afterwards, his music teacher recommended that Dvořák go to the Prague Institute of Church Music to be evaluated for his outstanding talent.

He studied in Prague for 2 years. Afterwards, he gave private lessons and took the stage in theaters. He became a successful violinist in his youth, and also played the qanun. Unfortunately, he could not find enough time and opportunity to compose for a while. A few years later he composed symphonies, operas, and chamber music.



This is the main room upstairs. You can see Dvořák's piano in the photo. I really liked the gold leaf white piano. The walls of the room are gorgeous 🥰 There are rows of chairs in this room, which you can see in the photo below. You can sit and watch the unique paintings on the ceiling and the walls accompanied by Dvořák's compositions. There is a television in the room, and the works of Dvořák are constantly playing 🎶



A love story comes💕 He fell in love with Josefina, one of the sisters Anna and Josefina, whom he taught, but unfortunately, she did not reciprocate and she married someone else 😞 It is said that this unrequited love is described in the Cypresses. So this love has turned into a wonderful work. I am adding this quartet for those who want to listen (39min).

After the Cypresses 8 years later, He married Josefina's younger sister, Anya. This is a very unusual situation😯 Some things can be very difficult to understand 🙄 Anya was a pianist and singer. Their 3 children died and their marriage turned into a tragedy. After these hard times, everything started getting well. They had 6 more children. They even had good relations with Josefina and her husband.



I also wanted to add pictures of the wonderful ceiling of the museum. Murals are just like a poem, music. I have to admit I felt very special 🥰 If there were murals like this on the ceiling in my house, I could start writing poetry 🙃

Dvořák has received a state grant from the Austrian government. Thanks to this award, he met Johannes Brahms. Brahms supported him in many ways. It was during this period that he became known worldwide. In 1890, his friend Tchaikovsky organized two concerts for him in Moscow. This was an honor for him ⭐


He was awarded the title of honorary doctor of music by Cambridge University. He was the director of the National Conservatory of Music in the USA. While he was in New York, he wrote the popular work we all know, Symphony No. 9, From the New World. He also wrote Cello Concerto in B minor, one of his most popular works.

You can also listen to many of Dvořák's works as you can see in the photo. The works are numbered and you can start listening by typing the number of the work you want. I also liked this part of the museum and I had a great time 🤗

Dvořák, who loves to travel, has traveled to many places in America. Years later, he came back to his country. I took a photo of the backyard from the window of the museum. It has a garden with beautiful sculptures. The other photo is from the front garden of the museum.



It was a wonderful experience for me as I both learned a lot about Antonín Dvořák and was able to listen to his magnificent works in this great baroque museum 😊👌

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post 🎵
Thank you 🤗

 7 months ago 

hola @venganza, wooao!!!
Tremendo post bastante información al respecto.

Sí que el lugar está hermoso, me gustó el cuarto.
Me parece impresionante también el hecho que se haya casado con la hermana de su ex, cosa curiosa, y bueno y lo más difícil que quizás sea lo menos común es que luego de ello se lleven bien también, pero si todo lograron superarlo, entonces debió haber algo bien hecho.

Por supuesto no podía dejar de decir que gracias por compartir tanta buena información deberías ser periodista y las fotografías.

Thank you so much for liking my post and reading it in detail. Your compliment made me happy 😊 It's so cool to look like a journalist 😎

 7 months ago 

Hola, gracias por responder, seguro que tienes cualidades.

I visited that one when we traveled to prague with my school! Gives me memories :D

I am very happy that someone who visited this museum write a comment 🤗 Glad to be reminded you good memories 😊

Dvořák has received a state grant from the Austrian government.
It was a little-known fact that Dvořák needed the money. He was baroque (broke).

I always wondered why we listen to Dvořák when more people are familiar with Qwerty.

Ignore that, I think I understand why now.

Your comment is awesome 😄 I didn't know about this ability before 🙊 It looks pretty fun 😀👌

Sayenizde kültürlenmeye devam ediyoruz :) Kendisini tanımıyordum ama paylaştığın videoyu açtım ve arka planda bu güzel müziği dinlerken çalışacağım :) Bu güzel post için teşekkür ederim

Böyle düşünmene çok sevindim, bu güzel yorumun için ben teşekkür ederim 🤗 İyi dinlemeler 🎶

 7 months ago 

@enveng I travel with you and you don't realize haha, if I'm not mistaken he was the son of an innkeeper and had several children and three died in his childhood, what a beautiful museum, the unique white piano and the roof of the museum, nooo, a show rudeness I love it, I learn and I travel with you, greetings and blessings.

Your comment made me smile 😊 I am happy that you follow my content with pleasure and share your ideas by commenting 🤗

Thank you very much for sharing this story of this composer. In this way we expand our knowledge. Greetings.

I like his works so I'm happy that I could tell him to you 😊

I really liked the main room, in itself the whole room is a work of art. Thank you very much for the story.

Yep, it is like an art room 👌 Thank you for your attention 😊

It is nice to know this 😊

Great job!

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