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Hi steemians...
Happy holidays everyone....hope y'all safe out there with the new Covid variant and all.
Today I got an interesting piece I did a while back based off of a Gregorian track I listened to and it's titled Wild Rose which is a 4ftX3ft oil painting...


The Painting talks about reflections of the soul, retrospection; besides all the wall and castles we build around ourselves. It tries to tap charmingly into the deeper fibres of the state of being,trying to understanding the role of willpower in existentialism. Secondly,I pushed for the beauty of feminism here,despite scars and choices; I made a push to help people find that flower that blossoms on the inside : that strength of a woman. Although in this sphere of existence, we're built on choice and consequences; but in the end,we gotta push beyond them and look to growth and power that comes from within.
The concept of balance depends on good and evil,white and black, choices and consequences...so we need to live in respect to that balance, understanding that pawns must be sacrificed for the glory of the king...
Today I leave you with these word: "..with great power,comes great responsibility..."

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