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Hi steemit...
It's been quite the time... As an academic artist, I've always believed in the immortality of artistic impressions,just as much as the legacy left over by the different people who have affected how we live,think and perceive existentialism as a whole...
Tuff Gong is a 105X120cm oil on canvas painting of the music legend, freedom advocate and a peace advocate -Bob Marley
Bob Marley, famously called Tuff Gong as he is the eponym of the Tuff Gong empire; is one of such people...
He left on legacy of acquiescence in the face of persecution; he was a freedom advocate and preached equality and was anti-fascism...Bob Marley was a force to reckon with in his time...and his memories,I stand to immortalize through this time taking art piece...
Long live the Tuff Gong empire
Long live the Tuff Gong
Long live Bob Marley



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start success go! go! go!

 10 months ago 

This is a portrait that makes an impression.
Great job and I'm glad to see you!

Thank you... it's just tough keeping up with my studio work here and the steemit community...but I'm giving it my best....
Thanks for a chance to work with you!!!

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I'm honoured @stef1...

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